Man steals from under tellers’ noses at National Australia Bank Rockingham

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A MAN who simply reached over a bank teller’s counter and stole cash from the National Australia Bank at Rockingham City Shopping Centre has been fined $300.

Shane Anthony Broad appeared in Rockingham Magistrates Court today where he pleaded guilty to stealing.

Broad had gone to the bank on April 3 to get copies of bank statements for a rental property.

Broad stole the money by simply leaning over to the neighbouring bank teller’s counter and grabbed an envelope which had $175 in cash in it – all while his transaction was being processed.

He was later identified through that transaction as he had given his details in order to obtain the bank statement.

He was later arrested by police and he denied having the cash and had only taken a ‘piece of paper’.

Magistrate Leanne Atkins asked why he did it.

“Yes I agree with the facts – it was stupid what I did – they closed my account,” Broad said.

She agreed with Broad’s sentiment of himself.

“What you did was not just idiotic or a mistake – it does not put you in a good light,” she said.

He was ordered to pay $175 to NAB Rockingham City along with the $300 fine.