Man urinated in front of women on train platform

Failing to appear at Rockingham Magistrates Court on March 22, Raymond Terrance Jackson was charged with one count of behaving in an offensive manner to the annoyance of others on a railway and one count of giving false details to a public officer.

Due to his non-appearance he was convicted under section 55 of the criminal code.

The Perth Transit Authority prosecutor said on February 26, Jackson was on the Mandurah platform when he went and urinated in front of a group of about 10 women.

Transit guards who saw the act, tried to remove him but he became abusive, using loud and offensive language on the guards.

He also gave a false name and continued with the abuse before being taken to the police station.

Magistrate Peter Malone fined him $400 for urinating and the abuse and $300 for giving false details.