Man who robbed Waikiki petrol station given 16-month prison sentence as he broke suspended imprisonment order for earlier similar offence

A MAN who ignored his suspended imprisonment order (SIO) by reoffending has been sent to prison for 16 months.

Dylan Jye Vanzon was sentenced to 22 months prison on the SIO, suspended for 12 months, on October 6, 2015 for an aggravated armed robbery at a service station on April 18, 2015.

He breached that order by re-offending in a like manner by stealing with threats of violence from a service station in Waikiki.

Vanzon went to a service station on February 21 where he took a packet of cigarettes.

The attendant went to lock the door to stop Vanzon but he jumped the counter and threatened to physically hurt the attendant if she did not open the doors.

He was not armed and did not physically assault the attendant.

He was convicted in the District Court on August 4 after confessing to the robbery.

When Judge Jeremy Allanson sentenced Vanzon for his first offence – armed robbery – he said Vanzon screamed and shouted at the attendant while holding a screwdriver to his face.

At his latest sentencing Judge Lindy Frances Jenkins said it was significant that both offences were similar.

“The breach offence was not trivial and it is not different from the original offence,” she said.

“The reoffending shows that you did not take the opportunity which was given to you to rehabilitate yourself in the community.

“In my view, you should be ordered to serve part of the sentence of imprisonment which was suspended.

“I will reduce that sentence to acknowledge that you did comply with the order for a period and you did take some steps to reduce your substance abuse.”

Judge Jenkins also reduced the sentence by two months to reflect time already spent in custody since February 21.