Mandurah man shares how to get a photo of the Queen for free

A photo of Queen Elizabeth II graces the wall of Nicholas Lord's New York apartment.
A photo of Queen Elizabeth II graces the wall of Nicholas Lord's New York apartment.

A PORTRAIT of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II could be the next must-have interior design accessory after a Mandurah man shared how to get the royal photo for free.

Nicholas Lord has prompted a resurgence in monarchist pride after he requested the Queen’s portrait from Canning MHR Andrew Hastie’s office and wrote about the experience on his blog.

His regal portrait now takes pride of place in his New York apartment, where he currently resides.

Mr Lord said he was inspired to indulge his passion for the monarchy after watching The Crown on Netflix.

He said Australians were entitled to a portrait of the Queen and certain nationhood material under the Constituents Request Program.

Mr Hastie said before Mr Lord wrote his article, he rarely presented portraits to locals.

A portrait of the Queen now hangs in the foyer of Mr Hastie’s electorate office.

“Since the article was published I’ve had over 40 requests for portraits of the Queen,” he said.

Mr Hastie said some MPs restrict the portrait’s use for certain organisations but he was more than happy to provide one to as many constituents as possible.

“It’s certainly popular around Australia Day, when I get a lot of requests for national flags,” he said.

Mr Hastie said Australians were also entitled to a range of Australian-related mementos.

“MPs can also provide portraits of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh,” he said.

“I’ve also got recordings of the national anthem, the Australian National Flag, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags, hand-waver flags, booklets about our national symbols, and pocket-sized constitutions.”