Marina is one step closer

The beach at Mangles Bay.
The beach at Mangles Bay.

Eleven stringent environmental conditions must be met and monitored if the marina is to go ahead, with the project’s proponents LandCorp and Cedar Woods welcoming Mr Jacob’s decision.

Cedar Woods WA manager Stuart Duplock said the company was determined to meet its environmental obligations while providing a boost to local tourism and the economy.

‘We’ve been focusing on the environmental aspect of the project before setting our sights further, but now we have approval we can move on to the planning process and getting Federal and State approval,’ Mr Duplock said.

‘The marina will provide a great boost, not just for Rockingham but the entire region; it’s an aquatic playground without a marina and if it gets that it’ll be a boost for tourism.

‘Our preliminary model also forecasts 460 new jobs. Those numbers will be refined as we move into the planning process but early indications are for a strong economic boost.’

South Metropolitan Region MLC Phil Edman has backed the building of a marina for 10 years and agreed that local involvement and employment would be crucial to its success.

‘It is about providing a valuable economic stimulus and a diverse range of employment opportunities for the people of Rockingham,’ he said.

‘From the very first clearing through to its ongoing management, local skills, knowledge and workforce will be necessary.’

But there is ongoing opposition to the project and Mr Jacob’s decision will only strengthen opponents’ resolve, according to Greens Senator Scott Ludlam and Hands Off Point Peron founder Dawn Jecks.

‘We will ramp up our campaign and continue to fight to protect the best interests of local people; this fight is way from over,’ Ms Jecks said.

‘I think it’s the wrong decision but one I’m not surprised with,’ Mr Ludlam said.

State Opposition leader and Rockingham MLA Mark McGowan said he supported the project if it stood up financially and environmentally, but it was now in the hands of the Federal Government.

‘I always said any development required strict environmental conditions and provide facilities for the local community,’ he said.

‘It’s crucial that the environmental conditions are adhered to and tightly controlled, (but) I hope the community will benefit from any development.’