Marina project a ‘crackpot idea’

Last week the Courier reported the WA EPA was about a month away from making its final recommendation on the inland marina to Environment Minister Albert Jacob, but HOPP founder and spokeswoman Dawn Jecks said ‘the crackpot idea should be rejected once and for all’.

She said there were no environmental conditions that would entice HOPP to approve of the inland marina and if the EPA did recommend the marina’s go ahead, the group would accelerate and intensify its campaign to include Non-Violent Direct Action such as sit-ins.

Ms Jecks said she believed neither proponent Cedar Woods nor the State Government had been able to show the project was viable.

‘I do not consider that the EPA has devoted enough time to thoroughly examine the many negative impacts that the proposal will exert on Cape Peron’s fragile ecosystem,’ she said, stressing that the community lobby group was not ‘negative’.

‘We have an alternative to the marina in the form of a Coastal Environment Park that would be for all people to enjoy, not just a wealthy minority,’ she said.

‘HOPP supports construction of the Port Rockingham Marina (at the end of Wanliss Street), and recommend that the energies of the Mangles Bay proponents be re-directed to this stalled project.

‘We are prepared to mobilise people to voice opposition to the devastating effects of the proposal.

‘We will also be looking at attracting the attention and support of environmental groups and organisations beyond WA,’ she said.