Membrane fashion permeates festival

Well, two entrants at the Mandurah Common Threads Wearable Art festival on Saturday night did.

They used spent reverse osmosis desalination membranes as materials for their upcycled outfits and the results were striking.

The idea for using the used membranes was instigated by the National Centre of Excellence in Desalination Australia. The centre is based in Rockingham on the Murdoch University campus.

The Desal Discovery Centre manager, Warren Hays, wondered if the spent membranes from the desalination industry could be used creatively.

His thinking was that the separated multiple layers found in reverse osmosis membranes could be used as fabric and decoration for clothing and accessories.

�I was convinced that utilising the membrane components would provide designers with the opportunity to manipulate novel materials, challenge their concepts of what is �wearable� while at the same time raising their environmental consciousness,� he explained.

A couple of artists enthusiastically rose to the challenge to explore the material�s possibilities and the results were indeed striking.