Million-dollar haul

Some of the items seized by police during raids.
Some of the items seized by police during raids.

The team, formed on September 29 to target organised crime syndicates dealing drugs in local communities, executed 24 search warrants, resulting in 18 people being charged with 95 offences.

The initial focus of the new District Response Team has been on the Peel District, to support the efforts of police officers attached to Operation Esteem, a Peel District based operation targeting anti-social behaviour and volume crime offending.

In the latest raid, police discovered 250g of the deadly drug ‘bath salts’, 1.5kg of cannabis material, 54 cannabis plants, 80g of amphetamine, 31.4g of cocaine, 23g of methylamphetamine, six firearms, four stolen vehicles and $75,600 cash.

Properties and assets worth approximately $850,000 have been frozen under proceeds of crime legislation.

The team has so far identified nine alleged drug traffickers, and disrupted two multiple-district syndicates, nine district-wide syndicates and six suburban syndicates.

The discovery of bath salts (synthetic methylamphetamine) in Rockingham was cited as a significant seizure, as it has been linked to serious violent crimes and deaths in Australia and overseas.