MLC calls on City of Rockingham to close nude beach

MLC calls on City of Rockingham to close nude beach

THE City of Rockingham should close the Port Kennedy nude beach, according to South Metropolitan Region MLC Phil Edman.

Mr Edman said he had safety concerns for children and women.

This latest call for action comes amid the recent prosecution of a Rockingham man in the Rockingham Magistrates Court for the indecent assault of a woman at the nudist beach.

“I don’t have an issue with people choosing to be naked in the privacy of their own homes, but nudist beaches have the potential to attract sexual predators who prey on women and children,” Mr Edman said.

There are numerous references to the Port Kennedy nudist beach on several adult websites, and users have advertised this location to meet for sexual rendezvous.

Mr Edman said the build-up of residential properties in the surrounding area would increase the risk of children and innocent bystanders being confronted with lewd behaviour.

“As a father of young children, I am always wary of threats that are facing them in public places,” he said.

“With the build-up of residential properties around the Port Kennedy and Warnbro area, families will be confronted with this inappropriate activity.

“For the sake of our children, I call on the Rockingham City Council to take immediate action to close down the Port Kennedy nudist beach.”