Much-loved bike stolen in seconds

On February 23, Nicholas visited Stockland Baldivis before school to grab a drink around 8.15am.

Before entering the shops, he stood his bike next to the main entrance but did not lock it up because he said he was only going to be quick.

He says he could not believe his eyes when he came out to find his bike missing.

“I’d only had it for two or three weeks… I was mad. I mean why would you steal it? It’s wrong,” he said.

“If I could say anything to the person who stole it, I’d say could you please give it back?”

The bike is a Giant Talon 4, with the theft being investigated by Kwinana Police.

They are asking members of the public to help identify the person of interest in CCTV images obtained from Stockland Baldivis.

Nicholas said if the bike was not returned he would start saving for a new one, but he did not know how long it would take to be able to afford it.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Kwinana Police on 9411 4311 or Nicholas’ mother on 0458 700 583.