Mum’s the word for cure

Mum’s the word for cure

Greta Armytage, who is doing the shave for the first time, has helped organise a fundraising event at Bliss Momo’s in Wellard Square with the support of local businesses.

“I’ve always been too chicken… I’m doing it on a bit of a whim, I’ve always wanted to do it,” she said.

She said becoming a mum for the first time made her realise how important events such as the World’s Greatest Shave were.

“My son was very sick when he was a bubba – nothing as extreme as leukaemia luckily – but we spent a lot of time in Princess Margaret Hospital with him and just seeing so many parents with sick kids and how hard it is.

“He was in there four weeks and it only ended up being something very minor, but for a long time we weren’t sure.

“The Leukaemia Foundation, as well as trying to find a cure, they give a lot of support to the families and that kind of thing.

“Now that I’ve got a bub, things kind of change when you’re a mum so you see things differently.”

Thirty-four Australians are diagnosed with a form of blood cancer every day and it is the third largest cause of cancer deaths in Australia.

The event, which will start at noon, includes raffles, stalls and a bake sale, as well as the main event – the head shave.

Ms Armytage said the shave was open to anyone who wanted to take part.

There will also be a range of hair colours available for those who want to show their support but do not want to commit to the shave.

The Fluffy Unicorn team of Ms Armytage and her best friend Jordan Darman is hoping to raise $5000 at the event.

Its current total is $2312.

Those who wish to sponsor the event can donate at