New Barri Barri Dog Park in Baldivis opens to the public

Senior Ranger Matt Bowen, left, Mayor Barry Sammels, Brand MHR Madeleine King with Jack and Ranger Christine with Blue.
Senior Ranger Matt Bowen, left, Mayor Barry Sammels, Brand MHR Madeleine King with Jack and Ranger Christine with Blue.

BALDIVIS canine residents and their humans will be able to enjoy the new enclosed dog park that opens tomorrow, June 23.

The enclosed dog park is located at the southern end of Barri Barri Park, Baldivis.

Using existing space at the park, large trees and gardens have been retained within the approximate 3000 sq m enclosure.

It features two separate enclosures – one for large and one for small dogs.

Both enclosures have shelter, seating, water fountains, sand areas and nature-based agility play ready for dogs to enjoy.

City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels and Brand MHR Madeleine King officially opened the Barri Barri Dog Park on Clyde Avenue in Baldivis on Friday.

Cr Sammels said he expected the new park to be popular, with the first enclosed dog park on Bayview Reserve that opened in 2016 already a big hit.

He said the new dog park cost $163,000 including a $20,000 grant from the Federal Government, for which he said the City was grateful.

“The Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park is a fantastic new facility that features two separate enclosures separated by a solid fence,” he said.

“Other key features of the dog park include two nature-based agility nodes including equipment such as recycled logs and stumps.”

Mrs King said the grant was provided through the government’s Stronger Communities program while her dogs, Blue and Jack explored the park.

“This is a fantastic facility and I know dog owners and their dogs will make great use of it,” she said.

“I am very pleased to have supported this great project which benefits the community and the many dog owners in Baldivis.”

The park also has a large open off-leash area for dogs that will respond to their owner’s commands, said Cr Sammels.

“Importantly, dogs on or off a lead are prohibited from being on the northern end of the reserve where the playground, tennis court and seating areas are located,” he said.

“A walkway has been installed on the western side of the reserve to enable residents entering from the north to walk their dogs on lead to get to the dog exercise areas.

“Owners are reminded that they are responsible for their dogs actions at all times, either on or off a lead.”

City of Rockingham rangers will also conduct regular patrols at the park, with users urged to observe signposted restrictions.

Parking is available near the entry gates on Acrasia Road, including accessible bays with path connection to the enclosures.

Dog owners are reminded that all dogs over the age of three months must be registered under the City’s Local Laws or owners risk a fine of up to $200.

Currently one year new registrations are being offered at a 50 per cent discount until 31 October 2018 – for more information contact the City on 9528 0333.