New surf club closer to reality

The proposed tender process still needs final approval at the City’s council meeting next Tuesday, which will then delegate authority to the chief executive to award tender, however a number of planning processes are underway, including land subdivision, tenure agreements and design documentation.

The proposed new pavilion will be built on land adjacent to the existing club and is held by Secret Harbour Developments (SHD), however an agreement has been reached between the City and SHD for transfer of the land to the City.

The City has worked closely with concerned parties in the planning process, with members of SHSLSC, Secret Harbour Residents Association and the Surf Beach Board Riders Club part of the project reference group formed to ensure the design provided for all the needs of the community, including the incorporation of a caf´┐Ż.

In conjunction with the development of the club and community facility, beach access will be modified for wider and safer entry, however these works will be separate and won’t form part of the tender.

Once underway, construction is expected to take 12 months to complete and the City hoped it would only cause minor disruptions for the 2014/15 summer season.

Upon completion, the SHSLSC’s old facility would be demolished.