Night-fill worker from Waikiki is Perth’s latest Lotto millionaire

Night-fill worker from Waikiki is Perth’s latest Lotto millionaire

A night-fill worker from Waikiki is WA’s latest Lotto millionaire, coming forward to claim $1 million in division one prize money from last weekend’s Saturday Lotto draw.

The winning ticket was purchased at Rockingham Central Lottery Centre and was the 53rd division one win for WA this year.

The 47-year-old woman said she would still be returning to work despite becoming a millionaire overnight.

“I really enjoy my job so I’ll be heading to Woolies tonight for my usual shift,” the woman said.

“Now that our bank account will be looking a bit healthier I might see if I can change a couple of shifts – the midnight finishes can get a bit tiring,” she said.

The woman’s husband said the couple had been ‘all over the shop’ since learning of their win.

“We haven’t really slept or eaten much in the past 24 hours,” he said.

“We shop daily at Rockingham City but after we checked our ticket and found out that we’d won a million bucks, I couldn’t remember the way out of the car park.

“We must’ve driven around in circles for about 10 minutes.”

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