Only one school escapes cut

Its budget rose by 2 per cent or $250,000.

Budget reductions varied from $12,853 at Medina Primary School to a drop of $327,971 for Baldivis Primary School.

Overall, budgets were reduced by $1.387 million in the Kwinana electorate.

The State Government dipped heavily into a reserve fund to top up school budgets, determined this month by the new �student-centres funding model�.

Budgets were finalised after the school census when enrolment numbers at each school are confirmed.

Kwinana MLA Roger Cook said it was extraordinary that this reserve fund suddenly emerged.

�It�s like a lolly to sweeten up what is obviously a bitter pill for schools to swallow,� Mr Cook said.

�There has been $1 million lost to schools in the Kwinana area, which is outrageous.�

Education Minister Peter Collier said the finalised budgets incorporated an additional allocation that had not been included in preliminary budgets to date.

�The additional $46.5 million reflects the outcome of the recently finalised student census for Semester 1 as well as funds from the model�s reserve budget,� Mr Collier said.

He said every student would benefit and 82 per cent of schools would be better off under this model than the former funding arrangements.

About 292,952 students have been enrolled in public schools this year.