Owner Fined $2000 Over Rottweiler Attack

THE owner of a rottweiler that burst through a neighbour’s fence and killed their dog was sentenced at Rockingham Magistrates Court last Tuesday.

Peter Catchpole pleaded guilty to a charge each of being a person liable for control of dogs in a private place and control of a dog that attacked or chased a person or animal and caused injury.

The prosecutor for the City of Kwinana said Catchpole had four dogs that had got through a fence and broken a pool fence, then attacked the neighbour’s two little dogs, one of which died from its injuries.

He said he had no prior offences with the council, but owned four large dogs at the time.

“Residents are only allowed to have two dogs with special permission from the City (for a second dog),” he said.

He said it happened in July 2014.

Just before the attack, the neighbour had changed some fencing, creating a weakness.

“But it was incumbent on him (Catchpole0 to make sure his dogs don’t escape,” the prosecutor said.

Magistrate Susan Richardson said it was out of character for Catchpole.

“It would have caused the victim great anxiety and sadness. I am told you have taken all measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again,” she said.

She said no orders had been made for the dogs’ destruction. Catchpole was fined $2000 and will have to pay $2036.75 in costs.

The City of Kwinana confirmed that Catchpole no longer has four dogs, with two having been relocated. It is unclear whether the rottweiler was relocated.