Pair fined over drunken attack

Tyla Dion Alan Dave Healey (18) and Aaron Marcus Ripohau (39) appeared in Rockingham Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Healey pleaded guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm, while Ripohau pleaded guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm and criminal damage.

The court was told an altercation started between Healey and the victim at the Admiral Hotel about 11.50pm on February 21.

Healey punched the victim, who proceeded to leave the tavern and seek refuge at a nearby service station but was denied entry.

Ripohau joined in the attack as the pair repeatedly punched and kicked the victim, who was on the ground outside the service station.

The court heard Ripohau proceeded to kick the service station’s glass door.

The 45-year-old victim suffered a concussion and various injuries, including bruised ribs.

Duty lawyer Brian Mahon said the pair’s behaviour was ‘entirely inappropriate’ but believed there was some provocation by the victim.

‘The victim made a racial comment, so he was not entirely innocent,’ he said.

Police prosecutor Brian Sutherland said it was ‘disgusting behaviour’.

‘It was not a drunken brawl, it was a drunken and sustained attack,’ he said.

‘It was a pack attack on a man who was on the ground and there was extreme violence.’

Healey was fined $750, while Ripohau was fined $2600 and ordered to pay $570 in reparation for the damage to the service station.