Parent says Waikiki alley attracting anti-social behaviour

A CONCERNED parent who uses an in-home day care centre in Waikiki is asking the City of Rockingham to consider closing an alleyway, which she says is attracting anti-social behaviour.

The parent, who does not wish to be named, said she regularly witnessed young people walking through the alley armed with golf clubs.

She said it was just the latest in a number of alarming incidents, which included rocks being used to break a day care window that directly borders the alleyway.

The parent said she was hoping to gather support from neighbouring houses in her quest to close the alleyway.

Mayor Barry Sammels said the City received a complaint from a resident regarding damage to their house located adjacent to the access way.

“The PAW is classified by the City’s Pedestrian Access Way Strategy as ‘NE’ (non-essential), therefore it can be considered for closure if/when the City receives an application,” he said.

“As this PAW is of benefit only to people living in Gulson Court, it is those residents who should be mainly responsible for determining its ongoing usefulness.”

He said the residents’ request to close the path must be made in writing.

An administration fee was payable.