Park a ‘blank canvas’

Golden Bay residents brainstormed ideas for the new park.
Golden Bay residents brainstormed ideas for the new park.

About 30 residents came together to share ideas about what they believed would achieve a really terrific destination for Golden Bay locals and visitors.

“We had a blank canvas to work with,” resident Tony Wilson said.

“It was great to get a chance to have input on things such as the vegetation that will go into the new park.

“I was really impressed by the way the meeting was handled and with the great ideas that came forward.”

Mr Wilson said he was also pleased about NaturePlay WA’s involvement in the design process, ensuring there would be active play areas for children.

NaturePlay WA staff member Shea Hatch outlined a vision for what she called “unstructured play”.

“NaturePlay’s role is to get kids outdoors into a challenging play environment,” she said.

“They need equipment that encourages them to think about how they could play on it.

“We want to see managed risk brought into play.”

Children at the meeting also became involved, contributing their ideas based on favourite play elements or spaces they’d experienced at other parks.

Ideas included:

n A new BMX pump track and cycle tracks in the park to ease pressure on Daniel Kelly Skate Park;

n Establishing a nautical beach theme, using boats and large rope nets as part of the play equipment;

n Planting trees suitable for children to climb with nearby workout equipment for parents to use and;

n Building a cycle path with potential to link to future coastal cycle paths north and south of the estate.