Perth men cough up $6000 for a feed of marron

A Fisheries officer inspects the illegal out of season marron catch from the Warren River
A Fisheries officer inspects the illegal out of season marron catch from the Warren River

WAS this WA’s most expensive feed of marron? Two men have been fined $6000 after they caught the delicacy out of season.

Shoalwater man David George Miller (50) and Salter Point man Cameron James Lang pleaded guilty in their absence at Manjimup Court on September 27.

The Department of Fisheries prosecutor said the men set three baited fish traps in the Warren River, near Pemberton at 6pm on December 28, 2017.

The pair returned the next morning at 6am to collect their plunder of nine marron from the fish traps.

They were fined for possessing marron in a non-possession period and for fishing for marron with illegal gear.

They will have to pay $3105.30 each in fines and court costs.

The marron season runs between fixed dates, from midday on January 8 to midday on February 5 annually.

The prosecutor said marron is a popular and valuable recreational species in Western Australia and season closures are vital to ensure the ongoing sustainability of the prized resource.

Illegal marron fishing impacts on lawful fishers who do the right thing and invest in a licence, equipment and time to enjoy the experience – unique to WA.

A Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development spokesman later said fisheries officers would continue to crack down on marron fishing outside of seasonal closures and the use of illegal fishing traps in the South West and Great Southern.

Details on the marron fishing closed season can be found on the department’s website and in the Recreational fishing guide, along with information on our State’s fishing rules and limits.

There is also a specific recreational marron fishing guide.