Perth’s animal cruelty hotspots

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THE RSPCA has revealed a list of Perth’s animal cruelty hotspots, with Baldivis the suburb from which most complaints have been received from so far this year.

Every day RSPCA WA receives, on average, between 50-60 reports of animals being mistreated or neglected.

The number of calls received in WA continues to increase year on year, and is expected to hit about 21,000 this year.

 In 2018, Baldivis, with a total of 85 cruelty reports, overtook the top spot from Armadale in 2017.

Up to May 31 2019, Baldivis had retained top spot, and appears to be on track to record an increase in reports compared to 2018.

The most common cruelty complaints received across the State last year included ill treatment of animals (e.g. kicking an animal), abandonment, and insufficient food and water.

Failure to alleviate harm, which could be someone failing to take their sick or injured pet to the vet, was also one of the top complaints received.

In some cases, people might have been experiencing financial hardship and can’t afford vet care, but in other more disturbing cases, people have simply ignored their pet’s suffering.

During the warmer months, there was an increase in calls relating to dogs left in hot cars, and dogs being transported on the back of utes with little or no protection from the elements.

“In these hot spots where we know cruelty is prevalent, RSPCA WA works hard to improve standards of animal welfare, but we’re still getting a consistently high number of calls.

“It’s encouraging to see the community is reporting cruelty, and giving a voice to abused, neglected and mistreated animals who can’t speak for themselves.

“But, with more than 50 reports flooding in every single day, the sad truth is we simply can’t get to every animal in time.

“We know we are impacting positively on the lives of over 10,000 animals every year, but there is so much more we need to do.”

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