Petrol station frustration led to violent headbutt attack

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FRUSTRATION at the petrol station led to a motorist headbutting another driver, a southern suburbs court heard today.

Jason Jeffrey Hamilton (42) was convicted of common assault when he appeared at Rockingham Magistrates Court.

On April 1, the 28-year-old victim was fuelling up his car at Coles Express Bertram before Hamilton pulled up behind him.

When the victim went to pay for fuel Hamilton drove around his car and parked in front of it.

The victim returned to find Hamilton standing there and an argument broke out.

Hamilton headbutted the victim and gave him a swollen lip.

The victim had to drive around Hamilton’s car to get out of the service station and as he passed him, Hamilton abused the victim again.

The assault was captured on CCTV and reported to police.

The police prosecutor said Hamilton had prior convictions for assault.

Hamilton who had missed a previous court date told Magistrate Leanne Atkins he didn’t want that to affect his sentencing.

“The service station was full at the time,” he said.

Magistrate Atkins interrupted him stating ‘everyone has to wait at a busy service station’.

“A man is minding his own business putting fuel in his car and you say he touched your arm but you go and headbutt him causing swelling to his lips,” she said.

Magistrate Atkins said the accused showed an appalling lack of self-control and his criminal record did him no favours.

She ordered the fine be paid to the victim.