Plan raises concerns

The owners of the 15-hectares have submitted a proposed structure plan to create the R40 residential development as well as a 2040sqm commercial site.

Concerns have been raised by the owners of Baldivis Road business Baldivis Fresh Eggs, who are directly across the road from the Eighty Road side of the development.

Leigh and Jan Marshall have lived at the site for 24 years, and their business employs 15 people. Their submission expressed their disappointment with another small-lot-size development in the area, and also their concern that houses marked on the plan would be only 200 metres from their sheds.

For a ‘Poultry Industry’, the Environmental Protection Authority recommends a generic buffer distance between 300m and 1000m.

However, the City’s assessment indicates the farm’s operationwould ‘not adversely impact upon the subject site’.

The owner will need to undertake a vegetation survey and include a tree hollow survey to identify trees that may be suitable for breeding of endangered species, such as Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoos.

There is also a registered Aboriginal Heritage Site in the lot, however, it is believed that the site is actually some distance away. This is being investigated.

A fire risk has been raised as a concern due to the position of proposed lots to heavily vegetated land to the north.

Councillors on the planning and engineering standing committee have recommended the structure plan be approved, subject to conditions. The matter will be voted on at a forthcoming full council meeting.