Plans to revamp eyesore approved

The KFC building on Patterson Road.
The KFC building on Patterson Road.

The council passed the application at Tuesday’s ordinary meeting despite a committee recommendation to refuse it.

A council report recommended the application because the site had become an ‘eyesore’ on the main entry road into the popular waterfront village and could remain that way for longer if the plan was not approved.

Councillors Richard Smith and Leigh Liley voted against approving the application.

The KFC building has been a feature at the foreshore since it opened in 1976 but it closed in 2007 and since has been a site for vandalism and public complaints.

The council report said ‘since 2009 the City has received a number of complaints regarding the dilapidated, vandalised and unsafe state of the site’.

It said the City should |promote itself as a ‘go ahead and thriving community’ and the ‘eyesore on the main road gives the opposite message’.

The City’s planning services committee originally refused the application on the grounds it did not comply with a number of requirements of the waterfront village planning policy, including its street frontage, parking and drive through, before it was overturned by council.

In 2011 the City rejected an application for planning approval to make additions and alterations to the existing building because the proponent did not provide information requested by the City.

Under the approved application the building could be expanded by 54sq m and include a new 22sq m indoor seating area and 26sq m outdoor area.