Pokemon GO: meet the man who’ll help you catch them all

Want Pokemon? Rochford can help.
Want Pokemon? Rochford can help.

POKEMON GO could be spawning its own economy, with one Rockingham man making some extra money by driving people around searching for Pokemon.

Rochford Devenish-Meares was on a fishing trip with friends in Exmouth recently, but the fish weren’t biting.

One of his mates suggested they try and catch some Pokemon instead, and Mr Devenish-Meares, who was a fan of the original incarnation of the characters, took to the game with abandon.

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“I came back home and my Mrs said why don’t we go down to the foreshore, we can catch Pokemon down there,” Mr Devenish-Meares said.

“We went down there and there were people everywhere doing it.

“She sent me an ad on Facebook, I think it was a joke, someone saying they were looking for a driver to drive them around looking for Pokemon.

“So I put an ad up on Gumtree saying I’ll become a driver.”

“Next thing you know I’ve had a guy ring me, and I ended up spending a couple of hours running up and down Rockingham, past Point Peron, looking for Pokemon.”

Mr Devenish-Meares promises “the thrill of catching Pokemon whilst riding shotgun in the world’s most sophisticated off-road Poke-Van!”

Although he has only had one client so far, Mr Devenish-Meares said he was anticipating a rush this weekend.

He said some of the bad publicity the game has received was unwarranted.

“I reckon it’s good because it gets everyone out of the house,” he said.

“It’s bringing heaps of people together. You go down to places you might not normally go to, and there’s heaps of people down there.

“You meet people, you have a laugh – it’s good fun.”