Police dispel rumours on traffic wardens

The reports, featured on several local media pages over the past week, named Secret Harbour as a particular area of concern. Accusations were circulating that mileage payments to out-of-area wardens had been cancelled, making working as a warden unaffordable for several locals.

WA Police State Traffic Operations Superintendent Mick Emmanuel said the reports were untrue and mileage payments had not been cancelled. Instead, WA Police said they were focusing on moving out-of-area wardens to areas closer to where they lived.

However, out-of-area wardens, whose roles can’t be filled, would be able to stay in their current spots, police said.

‘Mileage payments have not been cancelled,’ Superintendent Emmanuel said.

‘WA Police is ensuring that public monies are being managed properly by stipulating that traffic wardens are assigned to crossings that are close to where they live. This mitigates travelling costs. No wardens will lose their jobs.

‘Only those wardens who will be moved to locations nearer to where they live will be impacted and this is in keeping with sound management.

‘No resignations have been received from any wardens.’