Police set sights on hoon drivers


Under WA Police’s new operating model, Kwinana Police take responsibility for Baldivis, which was previously part of Rockingham Police’s jurisdiction.

Kwinana Police Senior Sergeant Glen Willers said hooning was identified as a major issue in Baldivis during its preparation for the changes in the policing model, which began on Monday.

‘In our public meetings with the Baldivis community, it was evident that hooning was a big concern for residents in the area,’ he said.

‘The public voiced their displeasure at hoon driving, which they say is blighting Baldivis.

‘We have identified it as a major challenge to curb hooning and it is something we will be targeting.’

Sen Sgt Willers believed hooning was widespread across the suburb.

‘We do not think there are problem spots; it has been indicated that hooning is occurring on major roads and residential areas,’ he said.

‘Baldivis is a burgeoning area and we will be faced with many challenges, including an increase in traffic and potential anti-social behaviour on the roads.

‘Increasing patrols in a bid to combat hooning is something we plan to do and we will work with Peel Traffic Enforcement to tackle the issues.

‘I believe hooning is done by a select few and the key is to identify these problem drivers.’

Peel Traffic Enforcement Sergeant Bob Bateman believed hooning was no worse in Baldivis compared to surrounding suburbs but urged the public to help police catch offenders.

‘I would not single out Baldivis as a concern; perhaps some of the hooning has been done on the Kwinana Freeway, which runs through Baldivis,’ he said.

‘It is important that the public do not put themselves at risk if they see hooning but should ensure they notify police with details on 131 444.’

Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels said the council considered traffic calming devices for locations that had a history of undesirable driving behaviour.

‘If residents experience hooning in their suburb, they are encouraged to report the matter to local police,’ he said.

‘While implementation of these laws is a matter for the police, the City of Rockingham is committed to regular and thorough traffic investigations to acquire up-to-date road usage data, and using that data to address the issue of traffic calming as effectively as possible with the resources we have available.’