Port a chance to privatise

Several media outlets listed the port as one of the possible items of state infrastructure that could be sold off as part of asset privatisation in the wake of the downgrading of WA’s AAA crediting rating last month.

A spokeswoman for Fremantle Ports said the authority would not comment on the matter.

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for Treasurer Troy Buswell said his office would not comment on the matter specifically.

‘In light of the announcement by international credit ratings agency Standard and Poor’s to downgrade the state’s credit rating, the State Government is working on a considered plan designed to return our AAA credit rating,’ she said.

‘This plan encompasses public sector workforce reform, a review of our asset investment program and reconsideration of timing on all major infrastructure projects.’

Kwinana Industries Council director Chris Oughton said access to efficient ports was critically important to the Kwinana Industrial Area.

‘From an import/export perspective, it matters not whether the ownership or operation is in the public or private sector, only that shipping turn-around times are at least at world class benchmark levels,’ Mr Oughton said.

‘The operations are currently providing a good service and I don’t see that changing.’