Power on crest of wave

The minor changes to Carnegie’s planning application included giving the company leave to alter the proposed site location, offshore of Garden Island, by about 20m.

Project development officer Tim Sawyer said construction on the five-unit wave power generation project, which will feed power back into the grid at HMAS Stirling, would begin in the next few months.

Carnegie will still need to go back to the DAP to get approval for its bolt-on desalination plant, which was given the go-ahead thanks to $1.27 million in Federal Government funding granted in February.

The plant will be directly powered by hydraulic energy from the system.

The aim is to demonstrate that wave energy driven seawater desalination can reduce the amount of electricity consumed, and associated greenhouse gas emissions produced by seawater desalination.

‘The project will create potable water which can be used by Defence,’ Mr Sawyer said.