Golden Bay: Residents take one last stand to save their environment

Golden Bay residents protesting at the steps of Parliament House.
Golden Bay residents protesting at the steps of Parliament House.

IN ONE last stand to save the Golden Bay dunes, residents took their cause to the steps of parliament yesterday to hand a petition to Warnbro MLA Paul Papalia.

After the community pitched in donations, including money from the Golden Bay Progress Association and local business Aqua Sun Estate Agents, a bus was hired to take more than 30 residents to state parliament on Tuesday, September 18.

Protest organiser Anne Marie Jackson said support had come from other communities across Perth that faced the same issues in their areas.

Golden Bay residents protesting at the steps of Parliament House.

“We have been getting so much support from other communities, environmental experts and university academics,” she said.

“We want 30 hectares of the Golden Bay dunes preserved for the Quendas, for plants and environment – for our mental health and wellbeing and for our children.

“We have had enough of all the urban decimation that is going on – there are urban wastelands being developed all across Perth.

“We are depending on the government to be visionary and preserve significant natural areas of Perth as it is looking quite disgusting now with all the urban development.”

Aqua Sun Estate Agent Annette Roth said values were falling in the newly developed areas.

“There is so much crime in the area already not long after these new, small house and blocks have been developed,” she said.

“The values are dropping – there is nowhere to park and no shade.”

“We all love our area – old Golden Bay and are just so passionate about it.”

Mr Papalia listened to the group who would not let him leave before several letters from children were read to him.

He said he would pass the petition to the upper house of parliament and would pass on the groups’ concerns to the developer, Peet.

In a statement, Peet managing director and chief executive Brendan Gore said the Golden Bay project team had regularly consulted and engaged with the community throughout the planning and development of Golden Bay.

“Particularly over the past 12 months in relation to Stage 5 to ensure there is a clear understanding of the work being undertaken, the vision for the site, the open space being protected – which includes the highest dune at 37m – and the measures in place to protect local fauna,” he said.

“This engagement has included formal and informal opportunities such as a number of community information sessions, surveying community members and providing a dedicated community-line for comment.

“In developing Golden Bay Estate, the State Government and Peet Limited balance a number of priorities – and community interests – including repairing and conserving large sections of the natural environment and providing affordable and accessible housing for Western Australian families.”

South West Greens MP Dianne Evers said it was good to see the residents take a stand on Tuesday.

“It’s fantastic that people stand up for what they believe in and I stand with them,” she said.

“It’s unfortunate that this is how we have to do to let the government know how important it is to preserve our environment.”