Road upgrades for home sites

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The upgrades include the conversion of a section of Warnbro Sound Avenue to dual carriageway and installation of traffic lights, footpaths, a crossing and improved street lighting.

Warnbro Sound Avenue, a major arterial road in and out of Golden Bay, has been converted to dual carriageway from Bluestone Parkway roundabout to Dampier Drive and the works have been carried out on behalf of the Department of Housing to help prepare for expected population growth in the area.

The existing three-arm roundabout at Warnbro Sound Avenue and Dampier Drive has been changed to a four-arm roundabout with a new connection constructed on the north side, and a new four-way signalised intersection and crosswalk has been installed at Warnbro Sound Avenue and Aurea Boulevard.

Peet Limited is developing new estate in the area, and managing director and chief executive Brendan Gore said the road network upgrade would not only improve traffic efficiency and ease congestion, but provide increased safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

‘The Golden Bay estate will be home to more than 5000 residents when complete and it’s important we have good infrastructure in place to accommodate their needs,’ Mr Gore said.