Rockingham and Mandurah’s ‘Neverland Boys’ documenting their dream on social media

Rockingham and Mandurah’s ‘Neverland Boys’ documenting their dream on social media
Rockingham and Mandurah’s ‘Neverland Boys’ documenting their dream on social media

THREE 22-year-old men from Mandurah and Rockingham are living the dream – documenting their travels around the world on Facebook and Instagram.

Elliot Lyons, Jaxon Foale and Zac White were living on Rottnest Island when they came up with their brand, The Neverland Boys.

“We were living on Rotto, it was like a playground for bigger kids; a place that felt like time didn’t exist where we never had to grow up,” Mr Foale said.

“That was where the concept of the brand name came from and it kind of suited the lifestyle we were living; groms living this island life.

“When we started to document things a bit more and sharing it online we started to get a bit of traction and so the brand formed from there and it spiralled from there.”

The trio has been living the “backpack lifestyle” for two years and filmed videos in some stunning locations; Hawaii and Sri Lanka among the best places they have visited they said.

“(There’s) so much diversity in the landscape and our creativity seemed to thrive there,” Mr Lyons said.

“Everything just felt natural.

“We’re not big fans of places that don’t have oceans in the immediate vicinity so cities have been tough and pretty uninspiring for us in a creative sense.”

The boys like to get back to Australia for Christmas and said there was nothing like Australia in summer.

“We’re restructuring how we go about things now and searching for a home base to cruise to and from so hopefully there’s a little more structure to our lives next year,” Mr White said.

“There is nothing like your own bed as everyone knows, we always miss out family too, hopefully one day we can take them with us on a trip.”

While the impressive photos make the boys’ lifestyle look unreachable, they say that is not the case.

“Social media puts up this facade that we’re living this glamorous lifestyle 24/7 but we certainly work for it and anyone can do that,” Mr White said.

Head to @theneverlandboysco on Facebook and on Instagram for more.

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