Rockingham: boat safety blitz tomorrow

Rockingham: boat safety blitz tomorrow

BOATIES have been warned to make sure their flares are not out of date and trailers are in good condition before a safety blitz is carried out between Woodman Point and Port Kennedy tomorrow.

The warning follows a safety compliance crackdown by the Department of Transport earlier this month that led to more than a quarter of skippers being turned away from northern suburbs boat ramps after failing to comply with safety requirements.

Of the total 240 checks conducted, 63 were found to be non-compliant. Out-of-date flares and defective trailers accounted for the majority.

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One infringement for an unregistered vessel and 20 cautions (19 for defective trailer and one for flares) were issued.

“Skippers are responsible for the regular maintenance of their trailer, vessel and safety equipment, which includes checking that flares and EPIRBs have not expired,” compliance and investigations manager Peter Beattie said.

Mr Beattie strongly recommended skippers undertake an annual 45-point check of their boat, trailer and safety equipment in advance of the summer boating season. Marine education officers will give skippers with recently expired flares an opportunity to experience using them before they are disposed of responsibly.

Skippers with flares no more than six months out of date can take advantage of the opportunity between 8am and 9am on November 19 at Woodman Point.

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