Rockingham business consultant says businesses to be predominantly owned by millennials by 2020

Rockingham business consultant says businesses to be predominantly owned by millennials by 2020

BY 2020, the majority of people either employed or running their own businesses will be millennials, according to Mdvs Business Services director Sharyn McCaskey.

“It’s scary to see so many businesses who are not adapted to selling to this genre, which is phone based,” she said.

“There is a great YouTube video of a two-year-old talking to her mum saying that her iPad is broken and she wants her to fix it; the child was looking at a magazine.

“Consider this, people no longer ask for taxies they call for an Uber.”

Mrs McCaskey said doing business the digital way means having a responsive website.

“This means that your site opens effectively to whatever device it is on, a desktop, a phone or iPad,” she said.

“A business needs to be listed on about 50 free on line directories and have a strong and regularly actioned and interactive social media platform, suited to their industry.

“It sounds daunting but it’s not.”

Mrs McCaskey said business owners should create a list of what they need to be focused on and chip away at getting it done.

“Within a few short months you can be internet dominant,” she said.

“Most what you need to action is free, it’s just time consuming.

“But investing in this time creates results that equals new customers and ease for existing ones.

“The happier and easier it is for your customers the more money they spend in your establishment.”

Mrs McCaskey said Malibu Fresh Essentials is in discussions with a blog writer and has a responsive and interactive website.

“Their Instagram account gains followers daily and the business has a strong loyal following on Facebook,” she said.

“One recent post was shared over 5000 times and the post was seen by more than 395,000 people.

“This one post was instrumental in gaining many new shoppers to the store.”

Mrs McCaskey said many businesses had faced financial issues over the past few years.

“Those which haven’t have one thing in common – they adapted to today’s marketing trends,” she said.

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