Rockingham car chase driver jailed

Perez Tyron Ratima, 23, pleaded guilty at Rockingham Magistrates Court on February 12 to failing to stop, no authority to drive (suspended) and reckless driving – dangerous to the public or any person to escape pursuit by police.

The court was told that police saw Ratima driving on Harrison Street on December 17 at 8.19pm.

The police activated lights and sirens but he failed to stop and drove at speed through several streets, with several other motorists having to brake heavily to avoid a collision with Ratima.

Police said he reached speeds of 110-112km/h through 60km/h streets.

Police said Ratima also struck a kerb and turned off his lights in a bid to escape. Police found him later at his house where he made full admissions.

The duty lawyer said the facts were accepted in their entirety. “He is realistic and aware of the mandatory sentencing… and is genuinely remorseful,” he said.

“He is a young man who made an impulsive and disastrous decision.”

Magistrate Leanne Atkins sentenced Ratima to the mandatory term of six months and one day. He was disqualified from driving for four years and received three months imprisonment to be served concurrently with his six-month term.

“You caused other cars to move out the way and I’m told you behaved like this because you panicked,” she said.

“It was more dangerous when you turned off your lights – all because you wanted to get tea for your kids.”