Rockingham: cleaner fined after stealing from employer

A WOMAN who stole from her employer in a bid to recover unpaid wages was fined at Rockingham Magistrates Court.

Aundrea Charmaine Turcin pleaded guilty to stealing and 11 charges of gains benefit by fraud.

The prosecutor said she was working as a cleaner for the victim and stole small amounts at a time to a total of $532.49.

Turcin’s lawyer said the defendant had not been paid and could not contact her employer as they were based overseas.

She ended up losing her job , which caused hardship.

He said she had wanted to participate in victim mediation but the other party had not responded to the request.

He said she took small amounts as her circumstances were very difficult and she needed the money to feed her children.

Magistrate Susan Richardson made a compensation order of $532.49 to be paid to the victim and fined Turcin $300.