Rockingham Court: 3 brothers fined for causing fear

THREE brothers who armed themselves in response to an alleged drug debt bashing received hefty fines when they appeared in Rockingham Magistrates Court.

Nathan Kevin Brown, Corey Steven Brown and Aaron Albert Brown all pleaded guilty to being armed or pretending to be armed to cause fear.

Aaron Brown also pleaded guilty to criminal damage of property.

Nathan Brown pleaded guilty to three extra charges of manufactured a prohibited weapon and possessing drug paraphernalia with methamphetamine on it.

Nathan’s neighbour Jamie Mark Maloney pleaded guilty to a charge of being armed or pretending to be armed to cause fear.

Police said they were called to a Medina address on January 5 after reports of a disturbance.

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A white Commodore had pulled up to the house where four men got out, all armed with either a hockey stick, cricket bat or machete.

They approached the front of the house where a man was standing in the driveway. Seeing the men get out, the man ran away.

Aaron Brown then smashed the windscreen of a car at the address.

They all got back into the Commodore and drove off.

Police said a later search at Nathan Brown’s Baldivis home on January 13 found electrical equipment capable of making weapons and Nathan admitted he had used the equipment to make a taser.

They also found a glass smoking pipe with meth on it and three cone pieces.

Magistrate Leanne Atkins asked Nathan why he had a home-made taser.

“At the time I was on drugs and I just felt I needed it for protection,” he said.

Magistrate Atkins said going armed was a serious matter that should be left to police.

She fined him $1800 and made orders for destruction of the drug paraphernalia and taser items.

Corey Brown was fined $800.

Aaron Brown was represented by the duty lawyer.

Magistrate Atkins said his offence was too serious to grant a spent conviction.

She fined him $900 along with ordering $250 to pay for the damage to the windscreen.

Corey and Aaron had gone to check on their brother Nathan after he was assaulted and received a broken jaw.

Maloney denied he had the machete, saying it was in the boot of the car but agreed with the rest of the police allegations.

Maloney will be sentenced on March 31.