Rockingham court: unlicenced driver did 78kmh above the speed limit in Baldivis

A MAN who pleaded not guilty to clocking up 78kms over the speed limit then didn’t bother to turn up to his trial has now admitted to the offence.

Michael Jaye Smyth appeared at Rockingham Magistrates Court on September 23 where he pleaded guilty to exceeding the speed limit by 45km or more and no authority to drive.

Magistrate Leanne Atkins said Smyth was convicted in his absence because he didn’t turn up to the trial.

Smyth was detected by a speed camera doing 158km in the 80km zone along Mandurah Road Baldivis at 5.58pm on January 22.

Magistrate Atkins asked why he did it.

“It was a mistake. Bad judgement,” he said.

“I was on my way to Kalamunda at the time and I wasn’t aware I didn’t have a licence. I’ll have to get a bike.”

Magistrate Atkins said excessive speed wasn’t bad judgement.

“Driving at that speed wasn’t a mistake – it was a deliberate dangerous act,” she said.

“I don’t know if you watch the news but there are so many young people who kill themselves at that speed.

“It must be brought home to you that this is unacceptable along with general deterrence.

She fined him $3250 and further disqualified him for 10 months.

“Next time you could face imprisonment,” she said.