Rockingham: dog saves elderly man’s life after a fall

Mick Condo
Zeus Mick Condo

COOLOONGUP resident Mick Condo credits his Staffie Zeus for saving the life of his elderly neighbour.

His 96-year-old neighbour fell in his backyard and lay injured for more than two days.

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Mr Condo noticed Zeus whimpering at his fence.

“He was whining for about an hour and wouldn’t come away from the fence,” Mr Condo said.

“Then I heard a faint ‘please help me’ and I realised my elderly neighbour was in trouble.”

Mr Condo called two young men from across the road, who helped break a gate down to access the backyard.

The elderly man was severely dehydrated and bloody from his injuries.

The neighbours also had to contend with the injured man’s Kelpie, who kept biting everyone. Mr Condo managed to coax the dog inside.

“We called an ambulance and placed a wet cloth up to the elderly gentleman’s cracked lips, so he could suck the water,” Mr Condo said.

The 96-year-old man is recovering in Fiona Stanley Hospital. He sustained a broken ankle and required a hip operation. Doctors said he would not have survived another night outside.

“It was a few days before Christmas,” Mr Condo said.

“He fell on the concrete floor of his back patio, which was enclosed with green shade cloth.

“He was only wearing shorts.

“We’d had 40 degree heat and freezing cold nights.”

Mr Condo said his elderly neighbour had been living in the house for 50 years. He had lived alone since his wife moved into aged care a few years ago.

He urged seniors to engage with their neighbours and connect with the community.

“Elderly people who live by themselves need to be neighbour friendly,” Mr Condo said.

“People just don’t seem to interact and they are endangering themselves.”

Mr Condo said it was fortunate Zeus detected the emergency.

“He stood at the fence to show me something was wrong next door,” he said.