Rockingham hoon crackdown

A CRACKDOWN on hoon and bad driving behaviour has resulted in 23 vehicle seizures in Rockingham.

Senior Sergeant Brett Rayne said Operation Nimrod had produced some good results.

“The operation specifically deals with the targeting hoon and anti-social driving behaviour by Traffic Enforcement Group officers and resources,” he said.

“Since early September, Op Nimrod identified 23 vehicles that have been seized or will be seized under hoon legislation in the Rockingham area lone.

“This has been a result of drivers having been caught in the act by TEG officers or captured by multi-nova camera and covert camera’s which have been deployed in strategic locations.

“The use of covert cameras is a relatively new strategy being employed by WA Police and early indications are that it is extremely effective in identifying vehicles which have been driven in a reckless and dangerous manner.”

Sen Sgt Rayne said 23 vehicles seized in an 18-day period sent a clear message to the community that WA Police were committed to identifying and apprehending hoon drivers.

Operation Nimrod speeds detected:

167km/h in a 100 zone

150km/h in a 100 zone

138km/h in an 80 zone

120km/h in a 70 zone

122km/h in a 70 zone