Rockingham Hotel and former manager fined for buck’s night strip show and explicit sexual acts

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A BUCK’S night strip show that included explicit sexual acts has cost the Rockingham Hotel and a former manager thousands of dollars in fines.

The former manager, Daniel Gavin Sheehy, pleaded guilty to contravening licence conditions and failing to maintain a register of incidents that took place at a licensed venue at the Rockingham Magistrates Court this week.

Sheehy was the approved manager at the hotel for two years before moving on this year.

On the night of February 3, 2018, a buck’s party that was booked by Sheehy was held in the Breakers Bar at the hotel.

The party organisers arranged for two female entertainers to turn up to the event.

Soon after they arrived, both women proceeded to remove their clothes then walked around the bar naked serving drinks to the guests.

Later in the evening, a third woman turned up to the party.

She began exposing her breasts before taking off all of her clothes.

She then performed explicit sexual acts on herself and one of the buck’s party guests.

Several staff complained to Sheehy at the time.

He ignored the complaints and allowed the acts to continue until the end of the buck’s party.

Defending himself in court, he apologised for his behaviour to his family and friends.

He said he now had a new job with a venue in Hammond Park and that his new employer was aware of the charges.

Magistrate Leanne Atkins said that as the approved manager, Sheehy was responsible for the venue.

“The description of the behaviour of these three females was not appropriate,” she said.

“You did not comply with the law and ignored (staff) complaints.

“That raises red flags in my mind of your suitability to be an approved manager.”

He was fined $2000 for breaching the licence and $500 for not maintaining a register of the offences.

He was granted a spent conviction.

Corporate body pleads guilty to charges

Meanwhile, the corporate body responsible for the hotel pleaded guilty to allowing immodest dress and explicit sexual acts on the premises.

Nightlife Nominees Pty Ltd was represented by Kim Wilson, who said the company accepted liability for the incident.

“My clients accept liability so that is the reason for the guilty plea,” he said.

“They do not plead guilty as having known that these offences would occur.

“The licensees had no prior knowledge that the strippers would be there.”

He said management found out later and allowed the party to be booked but “impressed” upon Mr Sheehy that no strippers were allowed.

The windows in the Breakers Bar were covered so no other patrons could see into the room.

He said some staff made their concerns known to Mr Sheehy but he did nothing about it.

Magistrate Leanne Atkins said the licensee was responsible whether privy to offences or not.

“The company is ultimately responsible for what occurs on their premises,” she said.

She fined the corporation $3000.

Owner pleads not guilty

Rockingham Hotel owner Amanda Joanne Mirco also appeared and pleaded not guilty to acting in any way that contravenes an act/term/condition of a licence or permit.

A one-day trial has been set down for February 26, 2019 at Rockingham Magistrates Court.