Rockingham: magistrate tells man his ‘sheer stupidity’ no excuse for driving without licence again

A MAN has been told his excuses of ‘sheer stupidity’ would no longer be accepted for his traffic offences.

Mark Lloyd Wangler pleaded guilty to driving through a red traffic light, no authority to drive and providing false details when he appeared at Rockingham Magistrates Court on September 19.

He was fined $2100 and suspended from driving for a further nine months on top of his existing suspensions.

The prosecutor said Wangler was seen driving on Rae Road, Rockingham when he stopped at a red light shortly before suddenly driving through it.

When picked up by police, Wangler gave a false name but they discovered he had been disqualified from driving twice, at Armadale Magistrates Court on May 13 and then June 20 at Rockingham Magistrates Court.

Magistrate Leanne Atkins told Wangler she had made the terms of his earlier suspensions clear.

“On the last occasion you were here you told me you had sold your car to your father and you were enjoying walking. Yet here we are again,” she said.

Wangler said he believed he had a licence.

“I was told all my fines had been paid so I thought I had my licence back,” he said.

Magistrate Atkins did not accept his defence.

“I clearly told you that you were suspended from driving for nine months. I do not accept your excuse,” she said.

Magistrate Atkins told him there were limits.

“There’s a limit to the amount of sheer stupidity I’ll accept up here,” she said.

“You can not drive. I’ve seen you once to often Mr Wangler.”