Rockingham: Man refuses to look at Magistrate before signing bail documents

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A MAN charged with threatening to kill refused to look at the Magistrate when she ordered he sign his bail papers before leaving the court.

Darren James Bin Sarin appeared at Rockingham Magistrates Court on the charge but did not enter a plea.

Magistrate Leanne Atkins read the charge to him and asked if he understood it before he quickly shouted ‘not guilty’.

She told him he was not required to enter a plea on a first appearance – just indicate if he understood the charge.

She again asked if he understood the wording of the charge.

“Do you understand the wording of the charge?”

He again refused to answer.

“Do you understand English?”

He eventually said ‘yes’.

Shortly after he refused to sign his bail papers and security staff brought him back to the court room.

Magistrate Atkins said if he did not sign the papers he could not leave and would have to be taken into custody.

He refused to look at her while she addressed him.

She was forced to repeat herself and ask again if he understood before he briefly looked at her and then eventually agreed to sign the papers.

He was quickly escorted out of the court by security staff and is due to re-appear on September 17.