Rockingham: man fined for doing burnouts claims he was ‘test-driving’ car

A MAN caught doing burnouts has claimed that he was only “test-driving” his car.

Cameron Cruz pleaded guilty to one charge of wilfully driving a motor vehicle causing excessive smoke from the tyres.

The prosecutor said a covert camera on a street in Wellard captured a Holden sedan creating excessive smoke and noise with the rear part of the car sliding in and out on March 18 at 5.40pm.

He said it was similar to a previous 2010 conviction for Cruz.

Magistrate Susan Richardson told Cruz immaturity appeared to play a part in his driving.

“You haven’t grown up at all in six years,” she said.

Cruz said there was something wrong with his car.

“It is a Holden Clubsport and I was test driving the car as it hadn’t been running right,” he said.

“I was trying to determine what was wrong with it.”

Magistrate Richardson doubted that was how to test a car with engine problems.

“Still you don’t have to do that to test a car I’m sure,” she said.

“It is disturbing to see this happening six years later. I’m not going to disqualify you today but if it happens again you will be disqualified.”

Cruz was fined $500.