Rockingham: man stole 100kg of explosives

A MAN who appeared at the Rockingham Magistrates Court today has pleaded guilty to stealing explosives from his employer.

Robert Ivan Crinall was employed as a shot firer for Australian Contract Mining at an underground mine in Kambalda.

Crinall faced four charges of stealing as a servant, supplied an authorised explosive to an unauthorised person, unlicensed possession of dangerous goods and involved in storing, handling or transporting dangerous goods.

The prosecutor said between April and May of 2014, Crinall took 100kg of sentinel magnum emulsive explosives and five detonators that he placed in another area of the mine site.

He then arranged through text messages and photos for another person (co-accused) as to where the explosives were hidden.

The prosecutor said Crinall was paid $20,000 from the co-accused for the explosives that were valued at $1300.

Crinall was arrested by police in Northam on May 5, 2014 as he drove back to Perth.

The prosecutor said it was extremely serious and urged the Magistrate to sentence Crinall under section five of the Criminal Code.

“The theft of 100kg of explosives in our society, in the current climate could have caused significant damage in our society,” he said.

Magistrate Stephen Wilson ordered a Pre-sentence Review for Crinall.

He is due to be sentenced on December 18.