Rockingham: man who deliberately masturbated in front of women refused bail for fear of re-offending

Peter John Speechley. Picture: Facebook
Peter John Speechley. Picture: Facebook

A MAN who deliberately sought out females to masturbate in front of on multiple occasions has been refused bail for fear he would continue to offend.

Peter John Speechley appeared at Rockingham Magistrates Court yesterday on an arrest warrant after failing to appear on February 23.

He pleaded guilty to two two counts of obscene acts in public before asking to be freed on bail, a request the local magistrate refused.

The court heard the first offence happened at a public gazebo on the Rockingham foreshore on December 9.

Speechley was sitting in the gazebo along with two girls, aged 14 and 15, who he made eye contact with before pulling his penis out the leg of his pants and begging to masturbate.

Police were called and he was arrested.

The second incident happened earlier this month at Wellard Oval.

He sat several metres from a footpath and as a woman walked past he again made eye contact, pulled out his penis and began masturbating.

Peter John Speechley. Picture: Facebook

Not long after he moved near to some exercise equipment and waited for another woman to begin using the equipment before repeating the lewd activity.

As he did so he poked his tongue out at the woman and made a gesture towards her.

The prosecutor said police opposed bail for Speechley as he had breached bail and re-offended before.

“There also is a prior obscene act charge from March 2017 and he has numerous breaches of bail, suspended imprisonment orders and we are concerned he would commit the offences again,” she said.

“He targets females of any age including children.

“He should be remanded in custody to prevent further offences occurring.”

Speechley pleaded with Magistrate Vivian Edwards to give him bail.

“I’m working full-time and I changed my address so that’s why I did not receive the paperwork to come to court,” he said.

“I can report everyday and I am seeking ongoing drug and alcohol counselling.”

Speechley was given paperwork to re-attend court when he appeared on December 29 for the Rockingham charge.

Magistrate Edwards said Speechley would have known the court dates regardless of receiving paperwork or not.

“I’m going to refuse bail – I’m concerned about re-offending and that you may not attend court,” she said.

“The fact that you changed address is no excuse.”

She re-ordered a psychological and pre-sentence report as he had also failed to attend community corrections for those reports.

He was remanded in custody to re-appear for sentencing on April 9.

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