Rockingham mother shares advice when dealing with multiples

SINGLETON mother Jessica Combrink will be celebrating Mother’s Day with her four children, all of whom are under four years old.

Growing up, Mrs Combrink always wanted nine children, but now she is happy with four.

Mrs Combrink and her husband Martin have twin boys Lukas (4) and Jacob (4), two-year-old Angelique and seven-week-old Sophia.

“It’s a unique job to be a mother to multiples,” she said.

“There are very special moments, such as when the boys are reading a book and bonding. Then there are times when the boys are competing or fighting.

“They are best mates though; they look our for each other.”

Mrs Combrink is the co-ordinator of the Perth and Districts Multiple Birth Association Rockingham coffee group.

She said the association had kept her sane when the boys were little and the coffee group was her safe haven.

The Rockingham group has 45 members.

Mrs Combrink started Facebook page the Funny Things People Say to Parents of Multiples so parents could share their experiences.

She said people were curious about families with multiples, but being stopped in the street by strangers was an issue.

“Do not stop us,” she said.

“Give us a smile and if you see we are struggling, offer to help.”