Rockingham offers more space

A Public Open Space Tool database developed by the University of WA catalogued 32 metropolitan local governments’ public open space, with some revealing findings.

While the City of Rockingham covers 24,440ha ” 499.19ha is parkland and 7068ha is natural open space ” the City of Kwinana has a total area of 11,995ha with 146ha of parks and 3331ha of natural space.

Just over 2 per cent of Rockingham’s area is parks while only 1.22 per cent of Kwinana’s total area is parkland.

Including natural public open space like bushland, the figures rise to 30.98 per cent and 29.07 per cent respectively.

UWA Centre for Built Environment and Health director Fiona Bull said half of Perth’s residents lived within a recommended two kilometres of a medium- sized ‘district park’.