Rockingham: shark video goes viral

SECRET Harbour resident Julie Wright said “it’s crazy” how a video her 10-year-old son took of a shark strapped to a four-wheel-drive has made world news.

Caleb Rendell took a video of a tiger shark hanging from a vehicle at the Safety Bay Road and Old Mandurah Road roundabout yesterday at about 12.30pm.

Ms Wright was driving and said she had to look twice when she saw the large shark hanging from the vehicle.

Since sharing the video with Perth & WA Fishing Reports on Facebook, there have been 345,000 views.

Regional Manager metropolitan region Tony Cappelluti said a member of the public made a report to the Department of Fisheries yesterday.

He said Fisheries officers attended the Bent Street boat ramp in Safety Bay, however the individuals involved were no longer at the location.

“The Department was also made aware of video footage that had been posted on social media,” he said.

“Fisheries officers have subsequently identified from images that it is a tiger shark and are attempting to identify the person/s involved so that further enquiries can be made.

“All whaler sharks (including tiger sharks) with an interdorsal fin length of 700mm or greater are recreationally protected, when taken from the South Coast and West Coast bioregions.

“Penalties for an individual committing a first offence include a fine of up to $5000 and an additional penalty of up to 10 times the value of the fish taken.”