Rockingham to hear whispers from the dead with Anthony Grzelka

Medium Anthony Grzelka will be performing in Rockingham.
Medium Anthony Grzelka will be performing in Rockingham.

MEDIUM Anthony Grzelka will entertain and enlighten when he hits the stage in Rockingham.

Known for communicating with the dead, Anthony is known as Australia’s Ghost Whisperer.

The audience will be questioning what they think about heaven and the afterlife.

Anthony will answer questions about spirituality, give messages from loved ones passed and help with real life decisions.

Promoters claim Anthony can change people’s lives and make believers out of die-hard sceptics.

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The audience is warned that anything can happen once Anthony opens the doors between this world and the next.

The dearly departed come through, each with a message of love or comfort for a loved one in the audience.

Pets too, are not shy in coming forward. They will often bound in, usually straight through the middle of a reading, wagging a tail or purring with love.

The experience that unfolds is often deeply compelling, occasionally chilling, sometimes humorous but almost always heart-warming.

Anthony has a down-to-earth, honest and compassionate approach that moves the audience.

He relays revelations and predictions and helps demystify the spirit world.